What Does LinkedIn's Active Status Mean for Entrepreneurs?

LinkedIn Active Status

Recently, LinkedIn launched a new feature called "Active Status." When enabled, a small green circle appears that shows when a user is online and available to chat via the LinkedIn messaging platform. While a seemingly small change, the feature spotlights those who are active on the platform, and consequently, makes it easy to see who is (likely) job searching.

So what does this mean for entrepreneurs? For those who are looking to build their teams and utilize LinkedIn for recruitment, "Active Status" makes it much easier to tell who is open and interested in a new means of employment. According to LinkedIn, 94% of recruiters used LinkedIn to find candidates for job vacancies. With "Active Status," the search for great employees who can take your business to the next level becomes that much easier.

On the flip side, for entrepreneurs who are still working full or part-time jobs, but plan on pursuing their passion projects full time soon, "Active Status" might make the platform a bit stickier, especially if they want to keep their hunt for employees and business partners under wraps.

Ultimately, we think "Active Status" is a great development for the LinkedIn platform, and we're excited to see the ways in which entrepreneurs and job-searchers alike utilize it.

Have you ever utilized LinkedIn for recruitment purposes? We'd love to hear more about your experience in the comments below!