What Forbes 30 Top Influencers Can Teach Us

Every year, Forbes releases a list of top marketing influencers to watch as they continue to branch out, grow, and dominate their fields. From travel to parenting to fitness to comedy, these influencers have build their following from scratch. While their stories serve as inspiration for those of us working on our own hustles, they're also great learning opportunities. Below are a few things we can learn from Forbes 30 Top Influencers:

1. Who We Should Be Following || If Kayla Itsines is the #1 fitness influencer right now & you're building a fitness brand, you should be following her. Think about it - if someone has a mass following it means they're doing something that works! We can learn a lot from following the top professionals in our fields, so make sure to hit that follow button and keep track of who's doing what.

2. How They're Changing the Game || Are these top influencers adding something completely new to the market or improving on what already exists? By observing and researching other brands and business owners, you'll be able to better identify the pain points within that industry, and how your own business can solve them!

3. How Your Product or Business Is Different || Once you know who is excelling in your field, you'll also know what areas still need maintenance. For example: if you think Kayla Itsines fitness program is awesome, but you wish it had a more diverse audience, this could be the exact audience your business best serves! 

How have you been influenced by other top business owners in your field?

Story by: Isabelle Edwards