Highlights from Double Tap the Keg

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One of the best ways to learn as an entrepreneur is to hear from those who have a lot of experience. At Imagine Media’s Double Tap the Keg event last Thursday, we heard from local entrepreneurs who are involved in ventures related to philanthropy and products & services for social good. Here’s what you missed!

Many of the speakers noted the importance of persevering through the challenges of starting your own business or venture — believing in its purpose even on days you feel uninspired and planning ahead for any obstacles that could appear. If you make a mistake, it’s important to be transparent and sincere, as one speaker said, recognizing that some of the people who will take a chance on your idea up front are probably some of the people closest to you. Adjust and keep trying.

They also shared some of their techniques for reflection — using time during CrossFit, reciting a scripture and walking the dog. But most of all, they underscored the importance of remaining dedicated to your venture’s mission. Even though social media algorithms may complicate content reach, or gaining traction may bring popularity and opportunity that can distract from your organization’s core purpose, these entrepreneurs encourage you to take a step back and to achieve real results — authentic support and a dedication to the initial reason you began your business, nonprofit or organization in the first place.

We also want to give a HUGE shoutout to Eagle Rock Distributing Company and Jekyll Brewing for providing the incredible beer. They helped make our fourth Double Tap the Keg an amazing time! Missed out on this round of Double Tap the Keg? No worries! We’ll be hosting more events like this in 2018. Follow Imagine Media Consulting on social media to be the first to know about upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you all back for more!

Learn more about the speakers:

Community Bucket strives to encourage more volunteerism in Atlanta, specifically among millennials. Its goal is to create more interesting ways to meet people and to tap into the power of crowds to create positive change.

King of Pops strives to be an example of a business doing good by creating impact as a positive food influencer, a relentless community supporter, and most importantly, a generator of Unexpected Moments of Happiness (UMoHs).

John Elijah Richards started In God We Must a few years ago as a necessary means to provide a source of income to pay for his medical expenses after he lost his job and health benefits shortly after being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Now IGWM provides, caters and influences those who know where they are from, to those who have no idea, the ones with dreams, the ones with a purpose, and to those who are searching for one.

So Worth Loving helps embrace people’s pasts and empower their futures. It uses apparel and storytelling as an entry point to create the conversations that enable that safe space to gain strength and in gaining that, help others gain their strength.

Story By: Kris Martins